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Business overview

I provide a wealth of information covering all aspects of a dog's life in just two hours.  All this is then backed up with a detailed report, tailored to your specific circumstances and emailed to you within a few days.  My reports are designed to be referred to time and again over months and years, and the basics will even help you with future dogs you may own.
How many behaviour specialists can save you money in the future in that way?

I purposefully don't schedule weekly training visits, unless a client desires that level of support to keep momentum up.
Why should we waste our time going over the same ground week in, week out, when life can get in the way of training prog

ress and behaviour improvements?

All training visits are therefore scheduled for when both you and your dog feel ready to move on to the next stage in training.  This is far more productive, keeps you motivated and allows me to help more dogs over time.

VIP Client Club
Benefits include:

Continuous email support for all packages
Early access to Blog posts
Newsletters sent to you first
Private VIP Client Club Facebook Group
First viewing of any YouTube training videos
10% Discount on future training visits (in addition to any other concession)
5% Discount on all Doggie Doodahs purchases (on the trade stall at shows and once the website is live)

Membership is initially free if you sign up within 7 days of your consultation and your first membership fee will be taken 30 days later.
If you choose to leave the Club at any time you will not be eligible to join again at a later date.


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